Flirt With Danger

Flirt With Danger is a retro-scifi electrosurfbilly rock'n'roll band based in Worcester, UK, drawing heavily on rockabilly, garage, surf, punk and alt-country influences, combined with electronics, chiefly in the form of simulated analog synths.

All music created through sequencing and hard disc recording of the guitar and vocals. Guitars mainly recorded dry other than the reverb from the amp.

Flirt With Danger is the brainchild and hobby of Les Spaceman, a veteran of loads of "bedroom bands", and played keyboards in indie band, Brilliant Pink, and theatrical metallers, Aunt May. Also worked on producing drum&bass with DJ Doc Khan and Mark Neale, with a single released on the now-defunct Stone Tiger Records, under the name of Tectonic.

Les also plays live solo occasionally.


El Diablo, electrosurfbilly tune that sounds like a sci-fi spaghetti western theme, the story of the leader of exiled mutant scum inhabiting a radioactive wasteland.

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