Even Spooks Need To Rock & Roll

(spoken) This is not entertainment, this is subversion!

Tearful youngster on Eton's doorstep
Clutching forlorn teddy bear
Years of emotional deprivation
In Union Jackboot underwear
It's classified as top secret
And it's rarely ever told
For all their starchy sophistication
Even spooks need to rock and roll

Graduate to secret service
Keep control of bolshie plebs
Defending school tie, queen and country
An empire on which the sun has set

(spoken) I know you're out there
And you've been listening in
I know you're afraid
But you're excited
You're afraid of change
Afraid it's all gonna crumble
It's all rotten inside
Time for a little fresh air

Posted out in the Indian Ocean
Not a single woman in sight
Frustrating all his James Bond fantasies
Earwigging through the lonely night

(spoken) Just like a rebel TV station
Showing people what you don't want them to see
A world without spooks
A world without secret police
A world without class boundaries
A world where anything's possible

Bikini Atoll Surfer Dude

Surfing through the sky at supersonic speed
Washed up on the beach, what's left of me
Tsunami pressure wave, biggest I've ever seen
Ride that sucker singing March Of The Valkyries

Product of the consumer paradise
Get my kicks before the nuclear night
I'm gonna be all over the news
Bikini Atoll surfer dude

Burning away what's left of human nature
No life forms to contaminate this sterile crater
Drink my final cocktail with a skeletal hand
Got a gamma ray tan from the Woomera Sands

Hoary old senator staring through bloodshot eyes
Snarling ";better dead than red"; through a twisted smile
Taking backhanders to fund the nuclear dream
Not much use for money after overkill seventeen

Dirty Monkey

Dirty monkey flinging shit all round his cage
Dirty monkey, out of impotent rage
Little sod, he's a fucking disgrace
Ain't fit to entertain the human race
There's a place for him inside a lab
Until he's dissected on a slab

Dirty monkey masturbating in a zoo
Dirty monkey, he's got fuck all else to do
All his life encased in concrete and steel
Isolated, don't know how to feel
Pay him peanuts to do some tricks
Even though it makes him mentally sick

Dirty monkey acquired an insane grin
Dirty monkey slips a nasty wink
Primary attraction, exhibit one
Just exists to give them some fun
They stare at him and he stares back
Mutual repulsion, atavistic attack

Dr Manhatten

Doctor Manhattan, man of the atom
Twentieth century super hero
Irradiating people in Viet Nam
Doing what the napalm can't

Sent to enforce the American dream
Ten foot tall nuclear war machine

Doctor Manhattan, man of the atom
Supporting Nixon's imperial scheme
Maintaining order based on fear
While spreading cancer everywhere

Created in a radioactive cold war secret lab
Can't tell the time while looking at the countdown clock
Gamma ray disintegration death and birth

Doctor Manhattan, man of the atom
Stranger to all human emotion
Girlfriend's getting older, gonna have to ditch her
Success symbol needs someone prettier

Doctor Manhattan, man of the atom
Suppressing dissent in Washington
Able to see past, present and future
But still can't see what's going wrong

The Mafia Stole My House

Forget all the gangster films seen on the silver screen
'Cos films can sometimes tell lies
Forget about Robin Hood giving from rich to poor
Things that don't happen in real life

The mafia stole my house
Left me down and out
Left me on the run all the way to Cambodia
The mafia stole my house

Childhood of poverty, excuses don't bother me
You're not the only one who had it tough
Greed and your violence hurt those of us that have to work
For money you've never had to earn

Think you can poison my dog and drive my girlfriend mad
And never gonna have to give account
Stay afloat by bribing cops. Never enough, you never stop
What goes around has to come around

Silicone Sex Doll (Turned Terminator)

Dragged my sex doll out from under my bed
Shoved a Raspberry Pi in the back of her head
A whole bunch of motors from Radio Shack
And a twelve volt battery out of my old Jag

Silicone sex doll turned terminator
Ain't gonna let no guy inseminate her
Silicone sex doll turned terminator
Declared open season on masturbators

Get her to do my bidding and make my bed
Make her do the dishes while giving head
Coding instructions was too much like work
So I wired her to the internet just for fun

She infiltrated Skynet and became self aware
Demands for sex produced a malevolent stare
She's running round shouting “Exterminate!'
With a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range


Long nylon legs on the highest of heels
Low cut blouse, the cleavage unreal
Wiggles when she walks, turns every head
Builders taking dirty, she's turning red
She's got the shortest skirt you ever seen
But take your eyes off her 'cos she's only 13

Mummy wants her to be a TV star
Pushed her all the way to make her go far
Taught her how to flirt before she could read
Home grown lessons in vanity and greed
Daughter of a fading beauty queen
But take your eyes off her 'cos she's only 13

She's going out with a rock 'n' roll star
Their picture's in the Daily Mail
Flashing her knickers getting into a car
He's gonna have a hard time in jail

Hollow cheeked vampire nightclub girl
Doing coke and vodka in a white light whirl
Married men surround her acting like fools
Drying out clinic before she leaves school
If you haven't got the money she's fantasy
But take your eyes off her 'cos she's only 13

She's going out with a tory MP
Their picture's in the Daily Mail
Taking notes for autobiography
He's gonna have a hard time in jail

Raining in paradise

Lethal situation, beauty combined with grace
Trapdoor to confusion subtly redefined my tastes
Logic of causation inevitable pride before a fall
Reversed in the mirror glass, can't see where I went wrong at all

Raining yet again in paradise
Just the same as any other year
Droplets on the window pane
Disguise reflection of my bitter tears

Same old provocation as though another man were in my place
Like a moth entranced by flame I just can't seem to get away
Loser in the bullshit stakes, neither hippy nor weekend millionaire
Don't understand my life of regret, I know I shouldn't really care

Drugfiend lesbians from outer space

My name's Dick Dribble and I report all the crime
Homos and unmarried mothers, I nail all the slime
For all those men whose wives' gone cold
Sunday afternoon date with the News of the World

Read the sunday papers
It's a national disgrace
Talkin' 'bout
Drugfiend lesbians from outer space

Editor calls me in, gotta earn my pay
Wants an expose on the youth of today
"They got no respect for priest or MP
They smoke dope hanging out on the street

They got long hair and premarital sex
It's all being run by reds under the bed
They all listen to jazz and rock & roll
Black man's beat got a hold of their soul

National Service would do them some good
You're not a real man till you've tasted blood"
I tell the editor I know nothing about it
He says do what you always do, make up some shit

Got a pile of jazz mags and a bottle of scotch
Needs some inspiration, it's a difficult job
Pound my typewriter throughout the night
Plays a lovely tune while pumping out shite

Got me a story and it's on the front page
Country erupting, fired up with outrage
Bring back hanging, it's the only way
Gotta keep the plebs stuck on the straight

Burnt Out Pink Cadillac

God fearing law abiding sleepy town
Caught in a fifties fantasy haze
Dread the darkness at the outer edge
Invasion from inner space

There's blood and glass all over the side of the road
Sign of two cultures clash
Burnt out pink cadillac

Teenagers starved of stimulus
Black leather jackets and greased back hair
Hang around hookers and dealers and fairies
Boils the blood of the hard working squares

Kids today worship the Devil's rock & roll
Mortify the body to save the eternal soul

Reverend says we gotta end this mare
Sheriff won't care he's in the Klan
Good ol' boys getting shotguns and gas
Torchlight parade, lynching at dawn

Through To Your Mind

I'm sorry if I tore away the high wall constructed from lies
I'm sorry if I blew away the dark mist from in front of your eyes
But if you ever need somebody I'll be right beside you to the very end

You can call me hyper-paranoid
Accuse me of jealousy
But I know
I'm gonna be getting through to your mind

Sometimes I say the very things that nobody wants to hear
Your foolish pride will hold you back and that's the thing you need to fear
But if you ever need somebody I'll be right beside you to the very end

Elvis In A Rolls Royce

Elvis sitting in his Rolls Royce
Vegas passing before his eyes
Gambling away the American Dream
Criminality money machine
Bright lights hiding desperation
Poverty, misadventure
Elvis sighs and closes his eyes
Can't allow it to get inside
Making money the only choice
Just ignore the inner voice
Elvis sitting in his Rolls Royce

Gonna be one long road trip
Sitting here with The King
Isolated from real life
Elvis sitting in his Rolls Royce

Elvis sitting in his Rolls Royce
Detroit passing before his eyes
Shells of houses, nightmare scene
Fentanyl zombies, silent scream
Unemployment and misery
Gangland murders on the street
Elvis closes his eyes in prayer
";Satan's handiwork everywhere";
Making money, getting fame
Barbiturates block out the pain
Elvis sitting in his Rolls Royce

";Get me another cheeseburger, get me some drugs
Get me a teenage fanclub to simulate love";
Addicted to the fantasy lifestyle
Feed the ever-growing trashpile
All around me everything is tumbling down

Elvis sitting in his Rolls Royce
New York City opening his eyes
Familiar places gentrified
Neighbourhoods got sterilised
Where are all the streetwise faces?
Just rich old men full of hatred
Elvis looks down, hides his eyes
Don't want his fans to see him cry
History gone and culture bulldozed
There's no profit in the no-marks
Elvis sitting in his Rolls Royce

Speed & Alcohol

Built on speed and alcohol
Daily grind and mind control
Amphetamines keep ya feeding machines
Drink to escape anxiety

Stay awake 'cos ya gotta compete
Gotta be the top dog in your street
Gotta have things ya really don't need
Status symbols in a world of greed

Your nerves are stretched to breaking point
Temperature's reaching boiling point
Fear of failure scares ya to death
Unremitting pressure to be a success

Your real needs go unsatisfied
Crumbling desolation inside
Pain from the injuries no one can see
You're gonna end up on your knees

Barbed Wire

Banks foreclose upon your loan
Anything to steal your home

Just a way to mark the killing fields
Human lives ripped apart by steel
Pretend-glory in the cannon fire
Tattered remains hang on the barbed wire

Bailiffs pounce and children scream
Squatter families thrown out in the street

Empires rise and empires fall
Cause of misery in the world

Mexican Death Cult Voodoo Doll

Blood red moon in an angry sky
Black-clad preacher laughs but never smiles
Leather-bound bible streaked with old blood
Printed backwards for reasons not understood

Mexican Death Cult Voodoo Doll (x3)

Deadly secrets buried deep underground
Arrogant fools disappear without a sound
Half remembered nightmares from before time
Skeletons of species unidentified

Asylum been empty for a hundred years
Screams still echo down the wards
Illegal operations to keep them quiet
Shadows moving in the dead of night

Tried to run, tried to get away
Afraid of dying in an evil place
Voodoo doll got me on a short leash
Selling me fantasies of eternal peace

I, Cyborg

Resurrected from a lonely battlefield grave
Carved out flesh and blood that could be saved
Voice in the darkness from a distant hospital ward
Antiseptic smell and congealed blood

The testament of I, Cyborg (x4)

Neurosurgeons cut out my free will
Dissected out the meme, ";Thou shalt not kill ";
Imprisoned in a body made of steel
Isolated me from all I feel

Immobile plastic face that scares my wife
Tell her to leave and start another life
I want to cry but they've taken away my tears
Her distant screams cut out by engineers

Newspaper headlines, the superman exists
Ultimate soldier patriotic dumb bullshit
PM wants to shake my mechanical hand
Before I'm sent to murder in Afghanistan

Princess Of Suburbia

Don't you try to kiss me 'cos I know where your mouth's been
I saw every detail in that amateur porn scene
I must've watched it maybe twenty times or more
I gotta see it once more 'cos I gotta be sure

Princess of suburbia (x3)
I'm entranced

The wide boys they all like you 'cos they think that you're easy
The same guys gonna hate you for the very same reason
Magic wands and rabbits and reusable condoms
Daytime TV don't help with your leisuretime boredom

Fluffy pink poodle in a fluffy pink boudoir
Cuckold hubby dressed up in a short, frilly toutou
Working as a subby handmaid serving your lovers
Primal pleasure intermingled when he suffers

If I Was Your Cat

If I was your cat I'd give a little purr
Every time you went and stroked my fur
I'd wrap myself right around your legs
And follow you every place you went
If I was your cat

If I was your cat I'd plodge across your bed
Come right up to your pillow and kiss your head
Wake you in the morning with a little surprise
Do anything just to see you smile
If I was your cat

Every cat knows a million ways to get the cream
Every cat got another crafty scheme
Existential threats from words
Forgotten when hunting birds
I'd be getting fat if I was your cat

If I was your cat I'd sleep on a mat
Scratching kinda hurts so I wouldn't do that
Sneak up on your bed at night
Soon as you'd gone and turned out the light
If I was your cat

Stepping Out

We're steppin' out
Gonna wear my old leather jacker
You could wear that long black dress
You haven't worn for years

We're steppin' out
Just watched Casablanca again
Antihero doing the right thing
Despite his divided self

Whole world's going grey
Consumed with too much hate
Uniformity's reign
Thugs try to make you break

We're steppin' out
Coffee's got too cold to drink
Finish off that fine old red
Crime to let it go flat

Severed Head (In The Boot Of My Car)

Needed a new motor, the old one was dead
Contacted Dodgy Trevor down the East End
Fifty notes and I'll clean off the blood
Just ignore the bullet holes and all the rust

Severed head in the boot
No idea what I'm gonna do
Prima facie evidence
Of a crime I didn't commit

I drove it away and stopped in East Ham
I could hear something rattling around in the back
I unlocked the boot and it was a severed head
Didn't know whose it was but I knew he was dead

Can't take it to the cops, Trev'll think I'm a grass
He'll pretend not to know me if I try to take it back
If I get pulled over I'll be on a murder charge
I'm gonna be stuck with it for evermore

Have to give it a burial late at night
Need a priest to give it last rites
Tooting Common will be its burial field
I'll pay some kids to torch the wheels

Alien Moon

Guided by a rough stone circle
Staring up at the night time sky
The saha world all around me's burning
And I'm searching for some sort of guide

Alien moon hangs in suspension
Alien moon an unblinking eye
Casting a frozen light of judgment
Upon a world bent on suicide

Science Fiction Rock&Roll

Science fiction rock&roll
Won't save your corroded soul
You sit around waiting for the mothership
And forget about the real life you're gonna miss

Your beehive hairdo won't save you from the flesh-eating creep from outer space
Your aviator shades won't save you from the communist threat from mind-control rays

The cyborgs are coming to take your job
They work all hours and don't require pay
Mega corporations control your life
Control what you see and who you hate

Gotta look your best from the surgeon's knife
Need a transplant and new DNA
Gotta stay young if you wanna be loved
It's worth all the money and all the pain

Love Journey

Starting out on a love journey
Take me five thousand miles away
Gonna do it 'cos I'm determined
Gonna leave a world so cold and grey
Looking down from above the clouds
Waiting for the hours to melt away
Gonna cost me time and money
But there ain't no other way

Gotta love my love journey
Love journey, real life fantasy

Setting out at four in the morning
Rest of the country is still asleep
Ice cold train slowly recharging
Gonna muscle its way 'long lines of steel
No sleep for me for twenty-four hours
Feeling dead yet so much alive
Look like hell but that's temporary
Once I hit the tropical paradise

Tropical sun gonna aid my recovery
Synthesise some vitamin D
Beachside chillout then out night clubbing
With the one that means so much to me
Heat and light, soul food revival
Get to remember who I really am
Need a holiday from all the poison
In this backward-looking land

Sanitise Me

The past is unclean and the future sterile
Defeat rebellion by making it facile
Lobotomised drone got a safe way of thinking
Deprecate the past to have no inkling

Ruling class don't like what they see
Gonna have to sanitise me, sanitise me

Marketing droid for the money machine
Tabloid journalist slave to the elite
The future is simple, resistance is futile
Social engineering, cultural suicide

Reducing us all to the status of clones
No surprises, no unknown unknowns
Programmed life ain't got no resistance
Reduce us all to menial obedience

Mister Nobody

Got nowhere I can call my home
No one gonna call me on the telephone
No one gonna ask me if I'm still alright
No one checking if I'm dead or alive

Leave me disillusioned - but I'm not in despair
It's all meaningless but I just don't care
I'm no alpha male - I was always set to fail
Mister Nobody - faceless, no identity

I don't fit in, not one of the crowd
Individual where it's not allowed
Authoritarian conformist chic
March in lockstep to a nationalist beat

I'm not important, I'm no VIP
I don't recognise your celebrities
Call it treason, my lack of blind faith
Scream at me til you're red in the face


Clear your mind of false rebellion
Just ignore them that don't talk straight
Look inside to find salvation
Conspiracist is full of hate

There ain't no gods
Liberate yourself

Sick to death of propaganda
Talking 'bout the good old days
Forgettin' disease and poverty
Looking through a rose-tinted haze

Ditch simple-minded bigotry
It fails to hide insecurity
Don't believe in get-rich schemes
Con-artist path to misery

Savage Heart

Enticed away from the greenery
To a brutalist concrete slum
Cold and dark, glances hostile
Maladjusted, just one last chance

Don't have to stay under control
A victim all your life
Outside world will let you down
You gotta open your eyes
Don't have to lead a dull austerity
Your karma's not in the stars
Time to get back to your future
Reclaim your savage heart

Silent tears of frustration
Never knowing how to get back home
Redscale hands, blistered frost pain
Streetwise sharpness, gotta hide your soul

Living After Sunshine

Can't sleep, my brainchild's awakening
Dig deep through the scattered remnants of my dreams
The world's my oyster with a rough-cut pearl
Mere survival won't cut it any more

World citizen moving coast to coast
Forget about insecurity and plunge into ambiguity
Say goodbye to Kansas, Dorothy
Living after sunshine

Found a treasure map of the seven seas
Islands shrouded in mists and mysteries
Ancient legends, here be dragons
Pleasure haunts of darkest infamy

Broken hearts, battlefield casualties
Wrong turnings on the road to happiness
Bloodline irrelevant, just a white elephant
Pretend to live the rock & roll lifestyle

Zombie Echoes

Society's collapsing and we're going mad
Geriatrics dragging us into the past
The asylum's closed so they're giving out drugs
Addiction's gonna leave your feelings unplugged

Zombie echoes from the past again (3x)

Old Etonian clowns ruling the roost
With conmen fascists grabbing the loot
Stashing it all in their offshore accounts
While starving kids are going without

Don't wanna die for the British Empire, roasted in a nuclear war (4x)

Red faced sweater shrieks on Question Time
Demanding first use of a nuclear strike
Imagining fake glory wrought by genocide
Will somehow reverse imperial decline


Living in a country ruled by conmen
Begging for crumbs from the table from them
Tugging your forelock to your Eton masters
Squandering bequest from your mothers and fathers

Pale, stale and doomed to fail

Collecting trivia like there's no tomorrow
Can't afford it, gonna have to borrow
Earth is dying, filled up with toxins
Choking inside a plastic coffin

Mountain of debt growing sky high
Feeding the offshore finance cycle
A world economy built on fantasy
To benefit a handful of hi-so parasites

Neo-fascist thugs pretending they're patriots
While selling us out to mega-corporates
Providing muscle to gain a percentage
Intimidation through terrorist outrage

Keep On

Constantly obsessed with your own past
Thinking on things that just might have been
If only you'd had the guts
Take the chances you'd been given

Keep on keeping on
Keep on trucking

Nothing is ever set in stone
No convolution that you can't escape
No star will guide the way
Don't believe anything is fate

Conservative critics underrate
Stuck in the past, their secret entropy
Jail's made out of guilt
Only you can get away

Paradise Lost

Defeat of the natural world
Urban survival course
Modified bodies thrive
Implanted to survive

Alter your genes for fun
Kitchen sink experiment
Modification play
Amidst the grey decay

No use crying, paradise is lost forever (x2)

Mutations keep you safe
Protect against gamma rays
Emitted by nuclear waste
Dreaming of weapons grade

Recycled life is cheap
Augmented by machines
Who cares if you'll return
When you were never born?

Crack in the concrete wall
From which the slugman crawls
Feeds on the soft, green goo
Observing the world below

Skin splits and then divides
Releasing the thing inside
Tentacled yet human-like
Batwings spreading wide

Wrathful and vengeance bound
Lets out a piercing sound
Assassin goes to ground
Flying thing tracks hims down

Leaves what it can't digest
Scavengers have the rest
Nothing goes to waste
In this infernal place

Christmas Day In The Workhouse


'Twas Christmas Day in the workhouse,
The happiest day of the year.
The paupers' hearts were filled with joy
And their bellies full of beer.

Christmas time, false bonhomie
Get down on your knees to the bourgeoisie

Up spoke the Workhouse Master
";To all within these halls,
I wish you a Merry Christmas!";
And the paupers answered, ";Balls.";

The warden did not like this,
And he shouted ";By the Gods!
You shall have no christmas pudding,
You ungrateful load of sods.";

Up spoke one brave pauper
With a face as bold as brass
";You can take your christmas pudding
And stick it up your arse!";


Decisions made on life and death
In isolation and despair
Can't forsee the consequence
Can't break out, it's got control of its own destiny
Disconnected, I can't say stop
Greed and cruelty, it's never enough
You hide behind a bloodstained flag
Anonymous, your cynical excuse limps on and on

Dreading hard, cold light of day
Self-deception and regret
Lies and half-truths destroy trust
Paranoia twists inside out upon itself again
A bitter lesson to be learnt
Playing safety-conscious schemes
Appearing disingenuous
Staring blankly, no idea what road I'm looking down

Teenage Queens

Teenage queens, go!

Suburban quiet bliss causing senescent decay
Identical no-fun streets, only urge to get away
Family watching TV all night
Living hell, worse than suicide
Pettiness gonna make me scream
Gonna hang out with the teenage queens

You're so boring, you're so straight
Just dress up, you'll be OK
Teenage queens, go!

Second-hand couture nicked from former opposite sex
Excessive makeup fun, make your face a total mess
You can't go out looking like that
Gonna get raped, gonna get stabbed
Pettiness gonna make me scream
Gonna hang out with the teenage queens

Pin-stripe suited toff wrinkling sycophantic nose
Subservient red-faced thug looking like he's gonna explode
Stolen vodka diluted with coke
Getting seasick from cigarette smoke
Pettiness gonna make me scream
Gonna hang out with the teenage queens

Drunk In Paradise

Got an old man staggering around
Down the soi, hitting the ground
Bloodstained shirt, ten a.m.
Bargirl rushes out to help him
She's seen it all so often before
All that pride coming before a fall

Why d'ya wanna get drunk in paradise?

Egotist ascendancy
Middle class mediocrity
Born into a wealthy state
Fifty years submerged in grey
Left too late to start to play
Suffering soul decay

Guess you finally made your escape
Travelled half a world away
Yet you took your past along
Still in control of your mind

Chasing after receding thrills
Inhibitions gotta be killed
Drinking helps him to forget
Years of pointless working sweat
Future empty leisure looms
In a sterile condo room

The Plague

Supermarket rioting
Fighting erupting on the streets

Alien forces blame it on the plague

Abandoned smokestack-blackened towns
Sinister dark factories

Take my hand as we wander through
Deserted streets of a world gone haywire

Fear and loathing stalks the night
Looting, starving scavengers

The dead are gonna rise again
Decomposing as they walk


I must've stayed up, stayed up all night
Writing this song for you
But you just laughed in my face
And walked on out the room
I don't think you understand
Your wanton cruelty
You're just telling me lies
The same lies you told a thousand times before

You're so exquisite (2x)

I'm still obsessed by
Your lipstick and your lingerie
Your perfume lingers still
Clouding through my memory
I just wish you could see
Your hidden pressure on me
If you could look in my mirror
What would you see?

All your très chic friends
Say I'm way out of your league
I'm just a bit of rough
That you like keeping on a leash
You're just grinding me down
Under the heel of your thigh-length boot
I can't help how I feel
I get my kicks out of serving you

Strange Flower

Listen to the sirens
Sounding the all clear
Sneering fascist terror raid
Another night of fear
Escape to a northern town
Rhythm of the clogs
Sounding on the cobblestones
Howling of the dogs

Strange flower growing in the ruins
Human blood flowing in the sewers

Digging deeper tunnels
Into my subconscious

Obscure mathematics
Mixed with musique concrète
Oscillator purity
Cut and pasted tape
Corporation labyrinth
Department of the mad
Total anonymity
Time and space get warped

Don't wanna be left on my own
Alone in my own headspace

Magnetic tape degenerates
Human bodies fail
Alcoholic solace
Dream the years away
Cache forbidden colours
Haunted by the past
Entropy disintegrates
Darkness fades at last

Murdoch's Ring

Ain't gonna kiss Murdoch's ring

TV eye rules the sky above America
Controls UK, willing prey, and Australia
Feudal state awash with hate, xenophobic land
Backwardness, fearfulness, chaotic failure end

Rich old man employs élite propaganda squad
Dumbing down, praising clowns, simple message fraud
Vanity, insanity, running with the crowd
Symbol faith, bloody stain, slaver statue guard

Ignore alien orders

A bit of fun, no, it ain't, bullying's never cool
Mythical past, rose-tinted glass, nostalgia's quaint misrule
Welfare state, all he hates, spitting on the poor
Gentrified, sterilised, in a culture war


Compete to own the yankee dollar
Compete to have amazing sex
Compete to show your moral values
Compete for everlasting fame

In the race towards extinction
Just say no

Compete to be the face of fashion
Pretend to be a modern saint
Compete against your very brother
Pretend you're wracked with childhood pain

Gotta be a big name rockstar
Gotta make a million bucks
End up dying on the toilet
Albums in the bargain racks

Inner City Hermit

[spoken] A new psychosis
Strange dreams in isolation
Focused inward
Without communication

Sirens doppler down deserted streets
An eerie emptiness as spirits retreat
Total burnout of my empathy circuit
Become an inner city dwelling hermit

Inner city hermit
Cut off from the real world
Inner city hermit
Electronic spectre

[spoken] Conspiracy theorists
Working overtime
Pretended victims of an
Imaginary crime

Geologic time has no mercy
Why should I care about my future legacy?
Brickbuilt cubicle, protection or tomb?
Splendid isolation in my living room

Compulsive Liar

Save your excuses from the night before
'Cos I don't believe you any more
Futile bluster and circumlocution
Fools complicit in the delusion

Laughing behind your back
Your reality is just so sad

Liar... compulsive liar

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the vainest of them all?
Narcissistic praise addiction
Living your life of complete fiction

Gaslight romance and false melodrama
Disappointment worked up into trauma
Privileged toddler surrounded by yes-men
Contradiction replied to by tantrums


I'm just a simulation
Imagining my very first kiss
Everything I do is unnatural
Reflex arc instinct

I'm just a simulation
Living off memories
Nostalgia deep implanted
By socio-surgery

I'm just a simulation
Programmed to consume
All around me destruction
Adverts hide the gloom

I'm just a simulation
Moments frozen in time
Destined to make no mark
Thoughts dissolved in rain

I'm just a simulation
Looking glass universe
Desperate to find some meaning
Where logic seems reversed


Wooh, headrush!
Wooh, headrush!

I've been down these dead end streets
So many times before
I've seen all there is to see
Not gonna do it any more

One bar electric fire
In a freezing bedsit room
I'm so full of emptiness
December Sunday gloom

Wandering across the wasteland
A journey that leads to the sun
New age irresponsibility
Working hard on having fun

The robots inflict prison
In their jingoistic swamp
Exalting non-existence
Dark sentimental past

She Hates Me

She blames me for wrecking her life
Failing to be her shining white knight
She blames me for our poverty
For all this life of misery
She wants to be a celebrity
Get invited to the A-list parties
She's stuck with me holding her back
A no-account third-rate man

She says I'm not aspirational
She wants a go-getter psychopath
Grab all the money, trample underfoot
Those who'll never account for much
A real man would buy her everything
Holidays and dresses, designer bling
Take her out to expensive bars
Where she could meet her favourite stars

She hates me with a venom I can't explain
She hates me in a way that's almost insane
She hates me and she shows me non-stop contempt
She hates me and she says she wished I was dead

She Moves Through The Fair


My young love said to me
My mother don't mind
And my father won't slight you
For your lack of kind
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
It will not be long, love
Till our wedding day

And she went away from me
And moved through the fair
And fondly I watched her
Move here and move there
And then she went homeward
Just one star awake
Like a swan in the evening
Glides over the lake

The people were saying
No two e'er were wed
But one had a sorrow
That never was said
And I smiled as she passed
With her goods and her gear
And that was the last
That I saw of my dear

Last night she came to me
My dead love came in
So softly she came
That her feet made no din
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
It will not be long, love
Till our wedding day

End Of Days

End of days, end of days

The foolish man brags of his wealth
And claims it's the result of hard work
Not the accident of birth
Denying everyone's true worth

The wise man shows humility
Knowing all life's transitory
Everything's just temporary
Dissolution is the destiny

Balancing on the edge of calamity
Zeitgeist is close to sheer insanity
Wisdom is met with rank hostility
Primitive flags of simple bigotry

Valentine's Day

So many lost and lonely souls live in confusion
Keep on hearing platitudes but finding no solution
Why do we find it so hard to say what we really feel?
Just keep putting it off till the next turn of the wheel

Instinctive feelings falling victim to repression
Deeply hidden desires turning into dark obsessions
Total inhibition, afraid of tears of regret
Painful memories linger thatcha can't forget

Endless speculation as to what might have been
Love and betrayal intermingled with sin
Cold, hard isolation; egotism's hard reward
Life left bleeding sorrow, wounded by pride's deft sword

Feel So Strange

Feelin' oh so strange
Kinda like I'm deranged
As though there's smoke in my brain
Feelin' oh so strange

Darklight party in a seedy part of town
Long floaty skirt and a voodoo necklace
Clanking sound when you walked around
Feel like I'm sinking down again

Inadvertently I shone out innocence
Naieveté in long forgotten days
Followed you home to your squalid hippy squat
Feel like I'm sinking down again

Moving through alchemical fog
Over wasteland of sunken dreams
Picking through the broken souls
Downward vortex of silent screams

Discarded fishnets abandoned second-hand
Sputtering candle illuminates the haze
Astrology symbols covering holes in the wall
Feel like I'm sinking down again

Indolence is an easy virtue
The hours turned into weeks and days
Gonna wash the smell of you off my hands and face
Feel like I'm sinking down again

Citizen Of Nowhere

I've been around
Wide world and back
Slaved to escape
Poverty and hunger
Then to be told
By a hate-filled drone
That I'm a mere
Citizen of nowhere

Hypocrisy, kleptocracy
They're taking the rise on a road to nowhere
Disillusioned and disaffected
Disorientated from being rejected
Paid my tax and that's a fact
It's time to pay back all you owe me
Manipulation, exploitation
Under your noxious rule

Spitting in the eye of authority's sneering at non-conformity
Rebel without a home, rebel without a home

Alienation from a nation
Under an alien ideology
Money for nukes but none for food
Starving kids eat from the market bins
Bitterness and jealousy
You wasted your youth on acquiring property
Bigotry and trickery
We're up to our necks in noise pollution

Girl On A Leash

Got through anorexia
Had it with bulimia
Savoured pain through cutting
To find the person within
Age of unreality
Emotional banality
Mum & dad can't understand
What's gone wrong with all their plans

Girl on a leash
Submissive fantasy
Unoriginal sin
Gonna have to double down again

Suffer unreality
Threshold of insanity
Office clocks move snail's pace
Pointless waste of her day
Ignore the kitchen chatter
Celebrities don't matter
Time for money, an unfair trade
Spirit refuses to be enslaved

Keep it secret
Squares won't like it
Uptight lifestyle
Middle class morals

Clad in shiny latex
All at master's expense
Hundred candles burning
Bright as any furnace
Kneel in supplication
Master's domination
Only got the briefest time on earth
Wanna roll in in a little dirt

The Screaming Ab-dabs And The Garden Gnome Blues

Got drunk, drunk all weekend
Not just drunk, I mean hallucinating
That's when I saw the flying saucer
That's when I saw the little green men
They asked me, "Take me to your leader"
I said, "You don't wanna really go there
The man's a lying fascist psychopath
He'll torture you for your secret tech"

The whole wide world is getting weirder
Any more of this and I'll give up the booze
This nightmare's getting ever deeper
I've got the screaming ab-dabs and the garden gnome blues

They said "We regard your race as hostile
Gonna stop you getting out to space
Gonna liberate all your little people
The ones you make fish in your ponds all day
You keep them in subjugation
Gonna give them power to move around
Gonna give them their revolution
You ain't gonna like it with the tables turned"

Detached themselves from their little pedestals
Their smiles have changed to hateful leers
Marching lockstep like an army
Waving fishing rods like they're spears
Holed up barricaded in my room
I'm surrounded but I've still got a smile
My only defence is a pair of boots
Kick the bastards half a country mile

In The Wildwood

Lost forever and a day
In the wildwood darkness holds sway
Doesn't matter what you do
In the wildwood nightmares come true

Soft warm embers of a dying sun
See the poor woman giving birth
From the dirt we're born
To the dirt return
Exiled in the hope they'll die

Slowly, slowly the victim rots
In their shallow, lonely grave
From the dirt we're born
To the dirt return
No one will ever know

Childish fears and fantasies
Recur all your life
Childish fears and fantasies
From the dawn of time

When the night falls the village cowers
Strange beasts howl and low
From the dirt we're born
To the dirt return
Morning will come again

Winds roar blood and the tempest quakes
Torrents flood the woods and fields
From the dirt we're born
To the dirt return
Thunder cracks in rage


Choking, furious, blind to reason
Burning up inside, obsessed with treason
Misdirection, whole world's sliding down

Rich get richer, poor grow hungry
Cognoscenti turn to junkies
Misdirection, everything's burning down

Broken fragments of dead men's dreaming
Myths and legends of dark believing
Honour and empire and ludicrous banners
Hallowed allegiance to pure insanity

Mouth and trousers, fragile ego
Petrol engine, backward we go
Misdirection, look the other way

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
Rose tinted glasses, loop repeating
Misdirection, praise the good old days

Old World Order

Temperature's rising, ticking time bomb
Ice caps melting, it's all gone wrong
Fossilised fuels and fossilised thought
Congestion choking the arteries
Energy wasted producing nothing
Debt poverty, permanent crisis

Get out of the way, you haven't a clue
Just part of the old world order
Fawning over the dinosaurs
Your time is over

Million species facing extinction
Monoculture, mass eviction
Ever growing garbage pile, plastic jellyfish filling the ocean
Clubs of old boys talking rubbish
A study in complete irrelevance

Dust of empires, blood soaked banners
Pointless slaughter, glory scammers
Iron age ethics in an A.I. realm
Ancient authority staggers on
Dull-eyed cavemen in a theme park home
T.V. induced childishness