Flirt With Danger - most eloquent lyrics

Even Spooks Need To Rock & Roll

(spoken) This is not entertainment, this is subversion!

Tearful youngster on Eton’s doorstep
Clutching forlorn teddy bear
Years of emotional deprivation
In Union Jackboot underwear
It’s classified as top secret
And it’s rarely ever told
For all their starchy sophistication
Even spooks need to rock and roll

Graduate to secret service
Keep control of bolshie plebs
Defending school tie, queen and country
An empire on which the sun has set

(spoken) I know you’re out there
And you’ve been listening in
I know you’re afraid
But you’re excited
You’re afraid of change
Afraid it’s all gonna crumble
It’s all rotten inside
Time for a little fresh air

Posted out in the Indian Ocean
Not a single woman in sight
Frustrating all his James Bond fantasies
Earwigging through the lonely night

(spoken) Just like a rebel TV station
Showing people what you don’t want them to see
A world without spooks
A world without secret police
A world without class boundaries
A world where anything’s possible

Bikini Atoll Surfer Dude

Surfing through the sky at supersonic speed
Washed up on the beach, what’s left of me
Tsunami pressure wave, biggest I’ve ever seen
Ride that sucker singing March Of The Valkyries

Product of the consumer paradise
Get my kicks before the nuclear night
I’m gonna be all over the news
Bikini Atoll surfer dude

Burning away what’s left of human nature
No life forms to contaminate this sterile crater
Drink my final cocktail with a skeletal hand
Got a gamma ray tan from the Woomera Sands

Hoary old senator staring through bloodshot eyes
Snarling “better dead than red” through a twisted smile
Taking backhanders to fund the nuclear dream
Not much use for money after overkill seventeen

Dirty Monkey

Dirty monkey flinging shit all round his cage
Dirty monkey, out of impotent rage
Little sod, he’s a fucking disgrace
Ain’t fit to entertain the human race
There’s a place for him inside a lab
Until he’s dissected on a slab

Dirty monkey masturbating in a zoo
Dirty monkey, he’s got fuck all else to do
All his life encased in concrete and steel
Isolated, don’t know how to feel
Pay him peanuts to do some tricks
Even though it makes him mentally sick

Dirty monkey acquired an insane grin
Dirty monkey slips a nasty wink
Primary attraction, exhibit one
Just exists to give them some fun
They stare at him and he stares back
Mutual repulsion, atavistic attack

Dr Manhatten

Doctor Manhattan, man of the atom
Twentieth century super hero
Irradiating people in Viet Nam
Doing what the napalm can’t

Sent to enforce the American dream
Ten foot tall nuclear war machine

Doctor Manhattan, man of the atom
Supporting Nixon’s imperial scheme
Maintaining order based on fear
While spreading cancer everywhere

Created in a radioactive cold war secret lab
Can’t tell the time while looking at the countdown clock
Gamma ray disintegration death and birth

Doctor Manhattan, man of the atom
Stranger to all human emotion
Girlfriend’s getting older, gonna have to ditch her
Success symbol needs someone prettier

Doctor Manhattan, man of the atom
Suppressing dissent in Washington
Able to see past, present and future
But still can’t see what’s going wrong

The Mafia Stole My House

Forget all the gangster films seen on the silver screen
‘Cos films can sometimes tell lies
Forget about Robin Hood giving from rich to poor
Things that don’t happen in real life

The mafia stole my house
Left me down and out
Left me on the run all the way to Cambodia
The mafia stole my house

Childhood of poverty, excuses don’t bother me
You’re not the only one who had it tough
Greed and your violence hurt those of us that have to work
For money you’ve never had to earn

Think you can poison my dog and drive my girlfriend mad
And never gonna have to give account
Stay afloat by bribing cops. Never enough, you never stop
What goes around has to come around

Silicone Sex Doll (Turned Terminator)

Dragged my sex doll out from under my bed
Shoved a Raspberry Pi in the back of her head
A whole bunch of motors from Radio Shack
And a twelve volt battery out of my old Jag

Silicone sex doll turned terminator
Ain’t gonna let no guy inseminate her
Silicone sex doll turned terminator
Declared open season on masturbators

Get her to do my bidding and make my bed
Make her do the dishes while giving head
Coding instructions was too much like work
So I wired her to the internet just for fun

She infiltrated Skynet and became self aware
Demands for sex produced a malevolent stare
She’s running round shouting “Exterminate!’
With a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range


Long nylon legs on the highest of heels
Low cut blouse, the cleavage unreal
Wiggles when she walks, turns every head
Builders taking dirty, she's turning red
She's got the shortest skirt you ever seen
But take your eyes off her 'cos she's only 13

Mummy wants her to be a TV star
Pushed her all the way to make her go far
Taught her how to flirt before she could read
Home grown lessons in vanity and greed
Daughter of a fading beauty queen
But take your eyes off her 'cos she's only 13

She's going out with a rock 'n' roll star
Their picture's in the Daily Mail
Flashing her knickers getting into a car
He's gonna have a hard time in jail

Hollow cheeked vampire nightclub girl
Doing coke and vodka in a white light whirl
Married men surround her acting like fools
Drying out clinic before she leaves school
If you haven't got the money she's fantasy
But take your eyes off her 'cos she's only 13

She's going out with a tory MP
Their picture's in the Daily Mail
Taking notes for autobiography
He's gonna have a hard time in jail

Raining in paradise

Lethal situation, beauty combined with grace
Trapdoor to confusion subtly redefined my tastes
Logic of causation inevitable pride before a fall
Reversed in the mirror glass, can't see where I went wrong at all

Raining yet again in paradise
Just the same as any other year
Droplets on the window pane
Disguise reflection of my bitter tears

Same old provocation as though another man were in my place
Like a moth entranced by flame I just can't seem to get away
Loser in the bullshit stakes, neither hippy nor weekend millionaire
Don't understand my life of regret, I know I shouldn't really care

Drugfiend lesbians from outer space

My name's Dick Dribble and I report all the crime
Homos and unmarried mothers, I nail all the slime
For all those men whose wives' gone cold
Sunday afternoon date with the News of the World

Read the sunday papers
It's a national disgrace
Talkin' 'bout
Drugfiend lesbians from outer space

Editor calls me in, gotta earn my pay
Wants an expose on the youth of today
"They got no respect for priest or MP
They smoke dope hanging out on the street

They got long hair and premarital sex
It's all being run by reds under the bed
They all listen to jazz and rock & roll
Black man's beat got a hold of their soul

National Service would do them some good
You're not a real man till you've tasted blood"
I tell the editor I know nothing about it
He says do what you always do, make up some shit

Got a pile of jazz mags and a bottle of scotch
Needs some inspiration, it's a difficult job
Pound my typewriter throughout the night
Plays a lovely tune while pumping out shite

Got me a story and it's on the front page
Country erupting, fired up with outrage
Bring back hanging, it's the only way
Gotta keep the plebs stuck on the straight

Burnt Out Pink Cadillac

God fearing law abiding sleepy town
Caught in a fifties fantasy haze
Dread the darkness at the outer edge
Invasion from inner space

There's blood and glass all over the side of the road
Sign of two cultures clash
Burnt out pink cadillac

Teenagers starved of stimulus
Black leather jackets and greased back hair
Hang around hookers and dealers and fairies
Boils the blood of the hard working squares

Kids today worship the Devil's rock & roll
Mortify the body to save the eternal soul

Reverend says we gotta end this mare
Sheriff won't care he's in the Klan
Good ol' boys getting shotguns and gas
Torchlight parade, lynching at dawn