Flirt With Danger - The Mini-album

Released Oct 28th, 2016, the Mini-album is Flirt With Danger's debut release and marks the birth of the incipient Punk Noir movement.

Mini-album CD cover depicting fashionable woman drinking a cocktail with mushroom cloud in background

Track Listing

The Flirt With Danger Mini-album reviewed by a leading indie music business website.
"Flirt with Danger describe themselves as a retro-scifi electrosurfbilly rock'n'roll band drawing heavily on neo-rockabilly, garage, surf, punk and alt-country influences, combined with electronics, chiefly in the form of simulated analog synths.
If that's not enough of a description for you I would say that they also have a LA Noir vibe in there that sounds like it would be good with a detective film.
"The Mini​-​album is a dirty, raw album that is the spirit of CBGB, the Cramps and all thing rock n’ roll. It has a punk aesthetic to it in a lot of ways despite the various genres it integrates."

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