Flirt With Danger - some flirtacious sounds

Free music samples

Original material

Slow (by FWD standards) protest ballad with plenty of electronic bits and some killer guitar lines

Ain't No Shame, Tamla-reggae-punk mashup, social activist message.

Alien Moon
Spacey sci-fi surf rock.

All Of Me
Doomy goth ballad with grotesque twist.

Barbed Wire
Jazzy, souly rockabilly cum swamprock number about how land-grabs and empires cause war and misery. Or summat. Thoroughly enjoyed the singing for once. Now REMIXED!!!

Barbed Wire (2018)
New remix of Barbed Wire sounding better than ever with improved production techniques.

Bikini Atoll Surfer Dude
Contrasts the hedonistic, consumerist Western lifestyle with the nuclear threat the military-industrial complex uses to barricade itself from the have-nots.

Blue-Green Bay
Anti-elitist electro-surf song. "Zero score!"

Nasty protest rocker with a folky influence nonetheless. Russell Brand would probably like this one if he ever got round to hearing it.

Burnt-out Pink Cadillac
Just dark psychobilly.

Cabaret Of Flux
Garage rock on acoustic and viola, reminiscent of VU.

High-octane entropy-defiance, gritty and determined.

Fast and exciting cyberpunk synthbeat extravaganza with a profound message.

Desperation Express
Very dark rockabilly number about a young guy who lived across the road from me who had a bad heroin problem, and could get only get off it by throwing himself under a train.

Devil King
Nichiren Buddhist stripped-down blues/spiritual number, featuring dobro.

Dirty Monkey
Garage song that could equally be about animal abuse or being a metaphor for being in a punk band (or a human being in the industrial world, generally).

Dr Manhatten
Song about Dr. Manhatten (ha! song title's a bit of a giveaway, eh?), the 10ft tall, light blue, radioactive superhero from The Watchmen.

Drugfiend Lesbians From Outer Space
Jazzy rockabilly press send-up. Warning: contains bad language in case that sort of thing bothers you. Not based on a true story. 2018 remix

El Diablo,
electrosurfbilly sci-fi spaghetti western theme.

Electronic Wet Dream
Mishmash of cool as f*** 50s style country/rockabilly kind of thing, a Motown-style drumtrack and some Latino percussion.

Even Spooks Need To RocknRoll
Wild bit of rockabilly with plenty of synth and sampling added.

Elvis In A Rolls Royce
Totally cool acoustic cowpunk track about the death of the American Dream.

Farewell My Lovely
Ultimate Punk Noir song.

Back to the rockabilly and a protest song about bullying, media, that sorta thing.

Get Outta Wood End
Garage-rock cum punkabilly song on being in the wrong part of town when night falls.

Heart Of Darkness
Southern-gothic swamprock with an English flavour.

Gutter Angel
Honky-tonk style rocker. A bit derivative so may not be around long.

Electrosurfbilly punk noir instrumental with a gangsterish feel.

Human Revolution
80s style alt-rock with perhaps a touch of Killing Joke.

Johnny Cool
Jazzy rockabilly number about a not-very-nice chap.

I, Cyborg
Synthpunk sci-fi song about a battlefield casualty involuntarily made into a war cyborg.

If I Ain't Got You
Quickly knocked-up, simple rock&roll tune, hopefully reminiscent of Dylan's Basement Tapes. Also: a personal message!

If I Was Your Cat
Deliberately silly garage-rock track, evoking Lou Reed, The Cramps and Marc Bolan.

It Came From The Sewer
Ultimate electropsychobilly horror shocker with a sideswipe at biohacker ethics.

King Kong
Song about a modern anti-hero using much different technology to previous songs.

Last Man On Earth
Neo-rockabilly atompunk bluesy thing, conflating metaphor (or hyperbole?) with actuality.

Leather Heaven
Rockabilly song, meant to be about pervy stuff but didn't quite happen. Lyrics are a bit crap, but there are commercial rock songs out there with far worse.

Little Backwood On Sea
Killer combination of surf-rock and satire.

Living After Sunshine
Ultra-chic glossy feelgood tune with latino rhythm track, and words written on Patong beach.

Looking In
Slow, laid-back tropical ballad written while on Koh Chang.

Lonely Road
Rock song with rockabilly influence, anthemic chorus and cutting lead solo. Used a Squier CV50 telecaster to get that tight, compressed 1950s sound.

Lucky 57
Rockabilly song about a cabaret performer. Nothing to do with the film, Cabaret, in case anyone was wondering.

Machine City
Hypnotic sci-fi track based on Steve Reich-style tape loops.

Mafia Stole My House
Garage-y rock song, based on a true story. My first ever use of a wah-wah, the intro just demanded it.

Magic After Midnight
Beautiful, romantic jazz ballad.

Man Who Fell To Earth
Originally intended as kinda blues for the 21st century, but ended up with a bit of an 80s sound..

Medicine Man
Devilish psychedelic swamp-rock.

Mexican Death Cult Voodoo Doll
More dark psychobilly swamprock.

Motorbike Zombie
Psychobilly/surf crossover.

My Dream Bathroom
Beautiful, dreamy alt-country-surf track.

Pearl Necklace
Sophisticated, witty yet down-to-earth with just a soupcon of raunch. Bit like me, I guess.

Psychedelic surf instrumental.

Pretty Nowadays
Techy, up-tempo swamp blues number about narcissism in the digital age.

Princess Of Suburbia
Nearest FWD comes to slow blues, about a suburban amateur porn kinkster.

Groundbreaking sci-fi poem over howling synth backing.

Raining In Paradise
Beautiful, wistful, latino-surf track.

Respectable Married Man (2015)
Cowpunk song about a successful suburbanite hiding dark secrets.

Science Fiction Rock & Roll
Fun electrobilly song featuring a synth called 'The Beast'.

The Screaming Ab-dabs (and the Garden Gnome Blues)
DT paranoia, extra-terrestrials and a garden gnome army.

Cramps-style psychobilly darkness about a dysfunctional relationship. This is the more recent version, more clarity and a more rockabilly sound.

She Hates Me
Sixties garage rock / protopunk type number.

She Just Loves To Be Kissed
Sort of garage-glam type thing, originally intended to be in the style of the New York Dolls, but it mutated into... not quite sure, really.

Silicone Sex Doll (Turned terminator)
Never mind the zombie apocalypse, this is a far greater danger to humanity!

Slow, jazzy psychobilly number based round a theremin lead line. Not a real theremin, y'unnerstan, who's got a half a lifetime to learn to play one?

Someone's Gonna Get Resurrected Tonight
Ever wondered what'd happen if the Cramps and Suicide collaborated on a tune? Probably some tasteless psychobilly garbage like this.

Speed & Alcohol
fast and short punkabilly song about alienation under industrial capitalism.

Suck On This Satan v2
Alt-countryish song about doing jobs you hate. Revamped version a year on, with all the guitar parts re-done.

Thermodynamic Arrow
About embracing the future.

They Came From Uranus
Punk Noir satirical sci-fi classic.

Rockabilly number, with a Chuck Berry influence, about jailbait.

Thirteen (2018)
Revamped version of 13 with improved guitar, bass and vocals.

Time Of Our Lives
Lighters-in-the-air stadium rock anthem with killer guitar line.

Time Warp
NY protopunk / early Velvet Underground kinda vibe.

Theme From An Imaginary Detective Film
Dark, Punk Noir instrumental using horns and strings. Mashes up 40s and 60s sounds.

Through To Your Mind
Tamla Motown influenced instant R&B classic.

21st Century Slave
High-tech industrial punkabilly reflecting the modern political paradigm

24 Hours
Dark rockabilly number, lead guitar modelled on the the Clash's Mick Jones's style.

The Unborn
Electronic rock that started out as a homage to the Sex Pistols' "Bodies" then incorporated Genesis Of The Daleks.

Urban Wildlife
Garage-rock classic about a trans vamp, said to be reminiscent of the Velvet Underground.

Van Helsing
Gothabilly anti-vampire allegorical track

Cowpunk cum rockabilly song about Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, etc.

X-ray Heart
Technopunkbilly twang and growl, near-future lyrics.

You Do Me Up
High energy punk-funk. Get down on it, all you disco kids! 2018 remix

Zero Day
Gritty sci-fi rock&roll with a bit of dobro.


San Tropez
Pink Floyd
Ultra-cool, lush and laidback.

Joy Division
Long loved the sound Martin Hannett got on Unknown Pleasures.

No Fun
Iggy & The Stooges
All one-take stuff, trying out my Chanpagne Sparklejet for its protopunk sound.

Sister Ray
Velvet Underground
Plenty of synth and distressed timestretch.

Fiction Romance
The Buzzcocks
With added bits of fuzz guitar and synth.

Janie Jones
The Clash
Another Clash number, from the first album. Great lyrics. Wish I'd recorded it with a faster tempo.

Gary Gilmore's Eyes
The Adverts
Britpunk classic, with twang added and slowed down a little. Only taken 37 years to get round to covering it.

Fire and Brimstone
Link Wray
Bluegrass style number from the Nick Cave / Mark Lanegan cover from the Lawless soundtrack. Sounds more about the DT's from drinking moonshine rather than a spiritual epiphany.

Louie Louie
The Kingsmen
The record that started garage rock! In memory of Jack Ely who died shortly before I recorded it.

Cajun Woman
Fairport Convention
Cajun / zydeco / swamprock tune for trying out the new dobro.

Mega City One
Briiliant Pink
A song from indie band, Brilliant Pink, about the demolition of Maybury St., Tooting, and the devastation of the community living there. Co-wrote it so not strictly a cover.

Lazy Waters
The Byrds
Cover of a hippyish country song, recorded on a whim. Changed some of the lyrics to make more sense (to my mind). Struggled a bit with the vocals :(

Hangin' round
Lou Reed
Song from the Transformer album. Tried to make it more rockabilly than glam.

I Fought the Law
The Clash
Cover of the Clash's cover

Glory of Love
Billy Hill
Swing number, acoustic, dates from the 1930s with classic versions done by Big Bill Broonzy and John Martyn.

White light / White heat
Velvet Underground
Tryout of the (then) new studio set-up.