TitleDateListenWot it's about
ThirteenJun 2014 Rockabilly number with a Chuck Berry influence, about jailbait.
Thirteen (2018 remix)Jun 2018 Revamped version of 13 with improved guitar, bass and vocals.
21st Century SlaveJan 2017 High-tech industrial punkabilly reflecting the modern political paradigm
24 HoursJun 2014 Dark rockabilly number, lead guitar modelled on the the Clash's Mick Jones's style.
AfghanistanAug 2017 Protest ballad with plenty of electronic bits and some killer guitar lines
Ain't No ShameFeb 2018 Tamla-reggae-punk mashup, social activist message.
Alien MoonNov 2017 Spacey sci-fi surf rock.
All Of MeFeb 2018 Doomy goth ballad with grotesque twist.
Barbed WireFeb 2016 Jazzy, souly rockabilly cum swamprock number about how land-grabs and empires cause war and misery. Or summat
Barbed Wire (2018 remix)Jun 2018 Remix of Barbed Wire sounding better than ever with improved production techniques.
Bikini Atoll Surfer DudeAug 2015 Contrasts the hedonistic, consumerist Western lifestyle with the nuclear threat the military-industrial complex uses to barricade itself from the have-nots.
Blue-Green BayMar 2017 Anti-elitist electro-surf song. "Zero score!"
BrinkOct 2019 Heavyweight rap-metal with a hard-hitting political message.
Burnt-out Pink CadillacAug 2016 Just dark psychobilly.
Cabaret Of FluxDec 2017 Garage rock on acoustic and viola, reminiscent of VU.
Christmas Day In The WorkhouseDec 2019 Traditional poem set to a goth-folk backing.
Citizen Of NowhereApr 2021 Revolutionary punk.
CompeteJul 2020 Mix of punk and modern hip-hop and various other elements thrown in.
Compulsive LiarSep 2020 Tamla-psychopunk song about narcissistic populist leaders.
Death in the MorningApr 2015 Classic tex-mex
Desperation ExpressAug 2014 Very dark rockabilly number about a young guy who lived across the road from me who had a bad heroin problem, and could get only get off it by throwing himself under a train.
DisconnectedJan 2020 Electronicky song about how getting into a war is easier than getting out, featuring the voice of Lyndon B. Johnson
Theme From An Imaginary Detective FilmFeb 2018 Dark, Punk Noir instrumental using horns and strings. Mashes up 40s and 60s sounds. This one got a rating of 96% from industry professionals on Music Xray
Devil KingFeb 2018 Nichiren Buddhist stripped-down blues/spiritual number, featuring dobro.
Dirty MonkeyJan 2015 Garage song that could equally be about animal abuse or being a metaphor for being in a punk band (or a human being in the industrial world, generally).
Dr ManhattenFeb 2015 Song about Dr. Manhattan, the 10ft tall, light blue, radioactive superhero from The Watchmen. Yeah, I know I misspelt it.
Drugfiend Lesbians From Outer SpaceSep 2014 Jazzy rockabilly press send-up. Warning: contains bad language in case that sort of thing bothers you. Not based on a true story.
Drugfiend Lesbians From Outer Space (2018 remix)Feb 2018 Remix of Drugfiend Lesbians
Drunk In ParadiseFeb 2020 Genre-hopping tale of consumerist downfall.
El DiabloAug 2016 Electrosurfbilly sci-fi spaghetti western theme.
Electronic Wet DreamJul 2016 Mishmash of cool as f*** 50s style country/rockabilly kind of thing, a Motown-style drumtrack and some Latino percussion.
Elvis In A Rolls RoyceJul 2018 Totally cool acoustic cowpunk track about the death of the American Dream.
End Of DaysFeb 2021 Apocalyptic, powerful indie-rock.
Eternal FlameNov 2018 Started off as a gothic drone and gradually incorporated bits of acid jazz type stuff. Lot of electronic bits and deliberate overamplification of kick and snare. Lyrics coming from Nichiren Buddhism and the Tibetan Book Of The Dead
Even Spooks Need To Rock&Roll Jan 2016 Wild bit of rockabilly with plenty of synth and sampling added. Lot of hits on FWD's server stats from British Indian Overseas Territories
ExquisiteApr 2020 Acid-jazz masterpiece.
Farewell My LovelyFeb 2017 Ultimate Punk Noir song.
Feel So StrangeMar 2021 Acclaimed protopunk-pop song.
Get Outta Wood EndAug 2017 Garage-rock cum punkabilly song on being in the wrong part of town when night falls.
Girl On A LeashMay 2021 Reversion to more punkabilly style. Bit like New York Dolls with John Cale playing note clusters on piano.
HeadrushDec 2020 Madchester-style fun track.
Heart Of DarknessMay 2015 Southern-gothic swamprock with an English flavour.
His Master's VoiceJul 2015 Punky rocker about British subservience to the ruling class
HotwiredOct 2017 Electrosurfbilly punk noir instrumental with a gangsterish feel.
I, CyborgJan 2016 Synthpunk sci-fi song about a battlefield casualty involuntarily made into a war cyborg.
If I Ain't Got YouJan 2016 Quickly knocked-up, simple rock&roll tune, hopefully reminiscent of Dylan's Basement Tapes. Also: a personal message!
If I Was Your CatMar 2017 Deliberately silly garage-rock track, evoking Lou Reed, The Cramps and Marc Bolan.
In The WildwoodJul 2021 Dark, chilling goth-folk song evincing primaeval fears.
Inner City HermitSep 2020 Alternative psychedelic soul-cum-alt rock, the sound of lockdown summer.
It Came From The SewerApr 2016 Electropsychobilly horror shocker with a sideswipe at biohacker ethics.
Johnny CoolMay 2015 Jazzy rockabilly number about a not-very-nice chap.
Keep OnOct 2019 Sophisticated jazz number featuring mode and time signature changes
King KongNov 2017 Song about a modern anti-hero using much different technology to previous songs
Lab RatJan 2017 Psychobilly song about the pharmaceutical industry's medicalisation of neuroticism.
Last Man On EarthJan 2017 Neo-rockabilly atompunk bluesy thing, conflating metaphor (or hyperbole?) with actuality.
Little Backwood On SeaOct 2017 Killer combination of surf-rock and satire.
Little EvaFeb 2017 Tale of wife-beating based on the real life performer
Living After SunshineMay 2016 Ultra-chic glossy feelgood tune with latino rhythm track, and words written on Patong beach.
Lonely RoadApr 2016 Rock song with country influence, anthemic chorus, cutting lead solo, and tight, compressed rhythm guitar.
Love JourneyDec 2018 Psychedelic soul or maybe punk-funk song about getting away to the tropics and one's other half in the bleak UK midwinter. Original from Oct 2016.
Looking InFeb 2018 Slow, laid-back tropical ballad written while on Koh Chang.
Lucky 57Apr 2015 Rockabilly song about a cabaret performer. Nothing to do with the film, Cabaret, in case anyone was wondering.
Machine CityOct 2016 Hypnotic sci-fi track based on Steve Reich-style tape loops.
Mafia Stole My HouseFeb 2015 Garage-y rock song, based on a true story. My first ever use of a wah-wah, the intro just demanded it.
Magic After MidnightFeb 2017 Beautiful, romantic jazz ballad.
Man Who Fell To EarthMay 2014 Originally intended as kinda blues for the 21st century, but ended up with a bit of an 80s sound.
Medicine ManMay 2017 Devilish psychedelic swamp-rock.
Mexican Death Cult Voodoo DollJun 2015 More dark psychobilly swamprock.
MisdirectionAug 2021 Punk-funk.
Mister NobodyJun 2019 Psychedelic soul-cum-punk funk paean to alienation.
Motorbike ZombieJul 2016 Psychobilly/surf crossover.
Murdoch's RingJun 2020 Punk/dubstep/bit of whatever political rebellion song.
My Dream BathroomJan 2017 Beautiful, dreamy alt-country-surf track.
NicotineMar 2016 Came out of playing with a Catalinbread Adineko delay. Listen and throw up!
Old World OrderSep 2021 Industrial punk/metal track. The "New World Order"? What's so great about the old one?
Paradise LostDec 2019 Future. Assassin kills mutant. Mutant transforms and kills assassin. Same old story.
Pearl NecklaceOct 2015 Sophisticated, witty yet down-to-earth with just a soupcon of raunch.
PlaromaAug 2016 Psychedelic surf instrumental played on a baritone guitar
The PlagueMar 2020 Folk-electrogoth song produced at the height of the Covid-19 epidemic
Pretty NowadaysJan 2016 Techy, up-tempo swamp blues number about narcissism in the digital age.
Princess Of SuburbiaMar 2017 Nearest FWD comes to slow blues, about a suburban amateur porn kinkster.
PterodactylApr 2017 Groundbreaking sci-fi poem over howling synth backing.
Raining In ParadiseJul 2016 Beautiful, wistful, latino-surf track.
Respectable Married ManNov 2015 Cowpunk song about a successful suburbanite hiding dark secrets.
Sanitise MeJan 2019 Nu Metal protest song using a hip hop drum track.
Saturday MorningMay 2017 Somewhat more commercial rock song than usual Flirt With Danger material. Saturday morning hangover lyrics
Savage HeartAug 2019 Back To Nature with Flirt With Danger
Science Fiction Rock & RollOct 2017 Fun electrobilly song featuring a synth specially created for this, called 'The Beast'.
The Screaming Ab-dabs And The Garden Gnome BluesJan 2017 DT paranoia, extra-terrestrials and a garden gnome army.
Severed Head (In The Boot Of My Car)Sep 2018 Classic punk noir tune with a highly-sensible title.
SheMay 2016 Cramps-style psychobilly darkness about a dysfunctional relationship. This is the more recent version, more clarity and a more rockabilly sound.
She Hates MeApr 2015 Sixties garage rock / protopunk type number.
She Hates Me (2021 revision)Jan 2021 Updated version of the above.
She Just Loves To Be KissedNov 2014 Sort of garage-glam type thing, originally intended to be in the style of the New York Dolls, but it mutated into... not quite sure, really.
She Moves Through The FairDec 2020 Traditional Irish ballad, with a punk twist.
Silicone Sex Doll (Turned Terminator)Nov 2014 Never mind the zombie apocalypse, this is a far greater danger to humanity!
SimulationSep 2015 Gothic krautrock - aethereal and spectral.
SinisterSep 2015 Slow, jazzy psychobilly number based round a theremin lead line. Not a real theremin, y'unnerstan, who's got a half a lifetime to learn to play one?
Sinister (2017 remix)Jan 2017 Reworked version of Sinister
Someone's Gonna Get Resurrected TonightAug 2016 Ever wondered what'd happen if the Cramps and Suicide collaborated on a tune? Probably some tasteless psychobilly garbage like this.
Speed & AlcoholApr 2018 Fast and short punkabilly song about alienation under industrial capitalism.
Stepping OutAug 2018 Hard-as, superb ska song.
Strange FlowerJun 2020 Slightly gothic semi-electronic alternative rock song about Delia Derbyshire.
Suck On This SatanApr 2014 Alt-countryish song about doing jobs you hate.
Teenage QueensJan 2020 Glam-punk song about the gender rebels of suburbia.
They Came From UranusJul 2017 Punk Noir satirical sci-fi classic.
Through To Your MindJun 2018 Tamla Motown influenced instant R&B classic.
Time Of Our LivesJun 2018 Lighters-in-the-air stadium rock anthem with the best guitar line you'll ever hear.
Time WarpAug 2017 NY protopunk / early Velvet Underground kinda vibe.
Urban WildlifeOct 2016 Garage-rock classic about a trans vamp, said to be reminiscent of the Velvet Underground.
Valentine's DayMar 2021 Motown-style with savage chordery.
Van HelsingJun 2017 Cinematic gothabilly anti-vampire allegorical track
WhirlwindApr 2016 Cowpunk cum rockabilly song about Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, etc.
Wicked Witch Of The WestSep 2017 More punk noir - probably sick of writing blurbs for songs at this point.
X-ray HeartJul 2016 Technopunkbilly twang and growl, near-future lyrics.
You Do Me UpMar 2018 High energy punk-funk. Get down on it, all you disco kids!
Zero DayFeb 2016 Sci-fi story with a bit of dobro.
Zombie EchoesSep 2019 Fast, short britpunk protest song about UK politics.


TitleOriginal ByDatePlay It!
Blank GenerationRichard HellDec 2019
Cajun WomanFairport ConventionJul 2013
Crawling King SnakeThe DoorsJul 2020
Crazy Man MichaelFairport ConventionAug 2020
Days Of 49Traditional, arr Bob DylanMar 2020
Fiction RomanceThe BuzzcocksNov 2015
Fire And BrimstoneLink WrayJun 2013
Gary Gilmore's EyesThe AdvertsApr 2014
Hangin' RoundLou ReedMay 2013
I Am The LolrusThe BeatlesAug 2019
I Fought The LawBobby Fuller FourFeb 2013
Janie JonesThe ClashAug 2014
Louie LouieThe KingsmenMay 2015
Make UpLou ReedSep 2019
Mega City OneBrilliant PinkMay 2013
MongoloidDevoMay 2019
New AgeVelvet UndergroundDec 2020
No FunIggy & The StoogesJul 2017
Rusty CageJohnny CashFeb 2014
San TropezPink FloydMay 2018
ShadowplayJoy DivisionJul 2017
Sister RayVelvet UndergroundAug 2016
Soldiers ThreeTreesJan 2021
Strange DaysThe DoorsNov 2019
Waiting For My ManVelvet UndergroundNov 2017
Walk In The RoomThe SearchersFeb 2020
White Light/White HeatVelvet UndergroundApr 2013